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Artvigil is armodafinil, generic nuvigil manufactured by Signature, Hab Pharma india. Artvigil thought of as being effective nootropics for the use in treating the symptoms of ADHD over the long term, and it is actually well known that the drug is much cleaner than most of the amphetamine based psychostimulant drugs currently on the market, of which are freakishly addictive and often times come with a myriad of unwanted side effects that the user has to deal with while taking these Armodafinil for ADHDmedications.


Artvigil, although it can be very stimulating among users that take the drug, is not in-fact classified as a stimulant drug, and as such is nearly as potent, but not as addictive as many of the traditional ADHD stimulants on the market, and also frequently has less side effects. You can buy Artvigil from our India based online pharmacy for the cheap price.


What is the Best Dosage of Artvigil for ADD and ADHD?


Typically, Indian Artvigil for ADHD in the best dosage is going to be around a 150 to 300 milligram dosage, either all at once in the morning, or spread up into one dose in the morning and one in the afternoon. An example of this is taking 75 Milligrams of Artvigil at 6am, and then another 75 milligrams later on in the afternoon, at around 2pm, in order to keep your dose flowing.

These dosages, while they are very effective for use in ADD or ADHD, are also the most common dosages with regards to proper use of the drug for any reason, whether it is for narcolepsy, general cognitive enhancement, or staying awake for long periods of time in order to pull all nighters.