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The way antibiotics work is by either slowing down the growth of bacteria or eliminating it completely.

This is done by:

  • interfering with the reproduction of bacteria

  • stopping protein production in bacteria

  • attacking the coating or wall around bacteria

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These medications start working immediately after you consume them. But, you may notice the improvement only after 2-3 days. The type of infection that you treat plays a role in how quickly you will feel better on your treatment.

Most antibiotics have to be consumed for 7-14 days. But, in some cases, shorter treatment is possible. Before you buy antibiotics from India your medical advisor should choose the best duration of treatment and antibiotic type for you.

Find out nice prices for our products, buy antibiotics for bitcoin and get the best product for the cheapest price. Despite the fact that you may feel better several days after you begin your treatment, it’s advised to finish the prescribed regime to properly treat your infection. Also, this helps prevent resistance to antibiotics. You should not stop your treatment without consulting your doctor.