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Buy Glycomet

Glycomet Metformin

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Glycomet is Metformin  manufactured by US Vitamins Limited, India.

Glycomet is prescribed to treat increased blood glucose levels in people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. To achieve the results, the drug should be combined with exercise and diet.


Glycomet or metformin can be taken with other medications as a part of the combination treatment.

Glycomet is in a class of medications referred to as biguanides. Drugs that belong to the same class or group work similarly and are prescribed to treat similar conditions. You can buy glycomet at your bitcoin pharmacy from India.


The medication achieves the results by:


  • Reducing the amount of glucose absorbed by your body

  • Minimizing the amount of glucose produced by your liver

  • Increasing the influence of insulin in your body


Insulin plays a crucial role in helping your body eliminate extra glucose from your blood, thus lowering your blood glucose levels.