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Modafil MD is modafinil brand manufactured by Intas pharma, India. Modafil MD tablet dose is 200mg.


Modafil long term effects

Improved memory

Modafil MD (modafinil) has been found to improve memory on a long term basis. Improved memory means that the user will not only be able to retain more information better but they will get to recall past events with ease.


This means that the user can recall past events that were forgotten for a long period. The improved ability of retaining more information means that as a student, one will not only perform better in the studies but will get to employ the knowledge once they get employed.




Short term effects




Modafil MD is formulated with active ingredients which are known to keep the target wake. The drug helps to eliminate sleep and keeps the user awake for a period of around 6 hours. This enables the user to work better and provide better results at work or even at home.


How to buy?

We offer the best price for Intas modafinil when you buy Modafil MD wfor Bitcoin. Before making a larger order for Modafil we recommend to try our service and order the smalest pack. Our medicines are lab tested and certified however there are number of modafinil brands which are more popular so we strongly recommend to order small pack of each brands before making a wholesale order.


What will I feel?


When take Intas modafinil, the effects usually kick in a half an hour after consumption and from then on I will be awake for a period of between 4 hours and 6 hours. This will ensure that I am able to stay awake therefore being able to accomplish various tasks with ease.


The drug has mild side effects such as rapid weight loss, lack of appetite, headache, insomnia, hypertension, nervousness, dry mouth and nausea. When you get to experience any of these side effects during normal use of the drug, it is important to visit a doctor immediately.


Apart from staying awake, the smart drug helps to improve memory capabilities. This helps to ensure that one is not only able to retain more information but they will be able to recall past events with ease.