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Modalert Modafinil

type: pill

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Modalert is the most popular Modafinil version which comes from India based pharmaceutical company - Sun Pharma. Modalert is manufactured in blisters of 100mg and 200mg dose.

Some of the short-term effects that this drug can have are:


  • nervousness or anxiety
  • back pain
  • a runny or stuffy nose
  • headaches and dizziness
  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • stomachaches
  • insomnia


Why waste your money on a brand name when the generic will do just fine? You can spend as little as $50 for 30 pills. Think about that for a second. The price you pay for one brand name pill will get you 30 generic ones. That’s savings that you’d have are awesome to be ignored. And with the ever-growing online modafinil industry, you can get it shipped right to your home in a matter of days.


It’s never been easier to buy modalert online. You can even get express overnight shipping from some suppliers.  Save your money, save your time, and get the same high quality modafinil with Modalert from Sun Pharma.