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Modvigil is the version of modafinil produced by Signature, a distribution department of Hab Pharma, India. Modvigil dose is 200mg. This brand is very popular in Australia, UK and the USA. You can buy Modvigil for either bitcoin (btc), ethereum (eth) or Nano (raiblocks)


Modvigil benefits to the brain lead to the synthesis and release of norepinephrin which helps to alter the activity of the locus coeruleus to low tonic and high phasic. The smart drug has been found to posses an agonistic effect on alpha 1 adrenergic receptors therefore resulting in a direct simulatory effect.


This results in the inhibition of norepinephrine uptake. Due to this, the neurotransmitter is increased therefore having a positive impact on several centers of the brain which promotes wakefulness.You can buy Modvigil at our online store for the best market price. You can use various payment options including Bitcoin and Ethereum payments.


Are Modvigil and Modafinil the same drugs?

To understand how Modafinil and Modvigil could be identical medicines, let’s take a look at everyday drugs. Take regular Aspirin, for instance. If you walk into a drugstore and ask for Aspirin, you might be given a pack with a name such as Durlaza, Fasprin, Ecotrin, Ecprin or Ascriptin, to name a few. Many pharmaceutical manufacturers assign their own brand name to Aspirin hoping to generate brand loyalty.


The fact is that all these brands have the same active component – acetylsalicylic acid. Maybe you loved the packaging, or the specific name just appealed to you, but your preferred brand of Aspirin is pharmacologically equal to all the other brands. It’s the active component that counts.


Modafinil is the active component name in our case, and it has been marketed to consumers as Provigil, Modvigil, and Alertec. If we asked people to compare these medicines, many of those interviewed would say that one is better than the other, but in reality, they are absolutely identical in the ways that matter.


How to Use Modvigil?

Modvigil’s active component, Modafinil, belongs to class IV drugs. That implies that the drugs’ regulation authority doesn’t think it has a high capacity for abuse or addiction. Nonetheless, Modafinil is not intended for use on a daily basis for sustained periods. And despite the absence of any scientific evidence of tolerance emerging, some users say that taking breaks helps to boost Modafinil’s effects.


Therefore, use Modvigil for measured periods of time only, and stay away from it on days when there’s no real necessity for superior cognitive performance. Besides, higher doses of Modvigil are not automatically better, as multiple clinical trials suggest, so it does not make sense to risk exceeding the recommended dose.


Lastly, Modvigil can help keep you awake. If you want to use Modvigil as a study-enhancing drug for continuous periods, don’t get too excited. The human body and human mind require sleep to demonstrate top performance. Ideally, you must avoid missing sleep, and if you absolutely must do so, be aware of the need to get rest, even though you are not feeling exhausted. Before you buy Modvigil for bitcoin consult your doctor and discuss potential warning and precautions.


What is the Safest Way of Taking Modvigil?


While Modvigil has enjoyed a low incidence rate of side-effects and is considered a very safe drug, some people experience its side effects. When aspiring to decrease risk, consider the following:

start with a half-dose;


  • watch the contraindications for this drug;

  • be mindful of and monitor for the side effects;

  • test the drug on a day when you don’t drive a car;

  • when using other drugs, make sure to check for interactions;

  • stay away from alcohol.


Read the package insert carefully to take Modafinil in the safest way possible.