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Modern food additives, high-fructose corn syrup are a major contributing factor for obesity which has grown into major international crisis. Thankfully, there are certain drugs that can help people to hone their bodies to perfection. Orlistat is one of such drugs. Orlistat, generic of Xenical  acts by preventing the absorption of fats that you intake during your meals. Thus, orlistat helps regulate the amount of fat that enters your body. Keep in mind though — simple sugars are your number one enemy, and Xenical is only an aid which will make your battle against those extra pounds easier.


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Generic Xenical’s mechanism of action


In order for the body to absorb fats, they first have to be broken down by lipases which are enzymes secreted by your pancreas. Xenical works by blocking those specific enzymes, which prevents your body from breaking down fats into fatty acids and absorbing them. Thus, the majority of fats that you consume simply go through you without being absorbed.

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Side effects of Generic Xenical


The main side effect that people experience when taking Xenical (Orlistat) is flatulence and increased bowel movements. However, this side effect can be easily prevented by eating fewer fats, since it is directly caused by undigested fats leaving your body. Once your daily fat intake is within a certain acceptable level, you will stop experiencing this side effect.


What should you know before taking Orlistat / Generic Xenical


Keep in mind that a number of essential vitamins are fat-soluble; therefore, when taking Orlistat, you will have to increase their consumption since Orlistat somewhat prevents their absorption into your body.


Dosage of Orlistat / Generic Xenical


In order to achieve maximum effect, Xenical should be taken three times per day in the dosage of 120 mg. There is no take more than the recommended dosage as it will have no effect on the results. Each of your meals should be followed by a pill of Xenical, which means that it is best for you to have no more than three meals per day. 


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