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Is there a difference between Brand Xenical and its Generic version Orlicure?

The only difference between brand and generic drugs, in general, is their price and, of course, their manufacturer. The reason why brand-name drugs are so expensive is that it takes an enormous amount of money to develop a new drug. However, manufacturers that produce generic versions of the drug didn't have to spend all that money and, therefore, sell their drugs at a much lower price. The only downside for an average person is that generic manufacturers can only start producing generic drugs after their patent has expired (the patent lasts for 20 years). Overall, generic and brand-name drugs are completely identical. At your bitcoin pharmacy you can buy Orlicure manufactured by Healthy Life Pharma orlistat, India


Where can You buy Generic Xenical (Orlistat) pills?

Local pharmacies might not have generic versions of drugs, because it is not profitable for them to sell affordable drugs. Thus, your best bet is to buy Orlicure pills online. The shipping is quick and prices are low, and there are truly no downsides.


How can Generic Xenical Orlicure be so affordable?

As we previously mentioned, the process of developing a drug is extremely expensive. Moreover, oftentimes a new drug will not pass the very last stages of clinical trials, which means that all the money that was spent developing it was wasted. All of those costs are taken into account by the original manufacturer when creating a price for their new product. This is the reason why it is impossible for an original manufacturer to sell its drugs at an affordable price.

Our website sells only generic drugs, including Orlicure which were created by manufacturers that didn't spend a dime on the development process. This is the reason why all drugs on our website are sold at a fraction of the price of the brand-name counterparts.